The amount of geometric detail on-screen also pushed beyond the limits of the consoles. For the sharpest image on an LCD monitor, you should select the maximum available resolution here, which is also referred to as your Native Resolution. Thank you. Since this effect is applied throughout the game, disabling it will mean that you will notice an overall improvement in average framerate. Invert X-Axis, Invert Y-Axis: The Invert Y-Axis option acts like an Invert Mouse option if ticked - moving your mouse upward will result in pointing the camera down, and moving the mouse downward will make the camera point up. However at the same time, it bears noting that the textures on Geralt's clothing and his sword scabbards become slightly less distinct with UberSampling enabled. More about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. games and hardware run, visualising precisely what they're capable of. The screenshots above show that when Anti-Aliasing is disabled, the portcullis has pronounced jaggedness, especially noticeable on the horizontal beams towards the top. This does no harm to your system, but it can be annoying. The screenshots above show that as sunlight travels through the forest canopy and the bush behind Geralt. The Witcher 2's next-gen credentials are first established when it comes to characters and environments. It sets the maximum amount of memory which The Witcher 2 allocates specifically for texture storage. At Ultra Spec, the difference is difficult to see in a static screenshot, but pay close attention to the angled surface of the tombstone laying on the ground to the left, and the mound of grass to the right - these become more detailed due to the use of UberSampling to enhance detail. So you should use both these settings in combination with each other, rather than changing them in isolation. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. fast downloads. The available options are Low Spec, Medium Spec, High Spec and Ultra Spec. The graph shows that with Motion Blur enabled and in effect, FPS drops noticeably. It can also result in additional stuttering whenever you move the camera. Comments for this article are now closed. If this is occurring on your system, disable Blur Effects. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Looking at the simple screenshot comparison, you can see that even at Low Spec the graphics are still reasonably presentable. As such, you may wish to set Shadow Quality to Low to ensure optimal performance with no real loss in image quality. To benefit from VSync without taking the performance hit, enable Triple Buffering. Also included are full detail bushes/shrubs over entire fields, maximum quality trees at any distance and the wind influence on the flora as far as you can see. However, that bandwidth isn't free and so we charge a small monthly Last Update: 16 May 2014. This setting determines the Resolution of the game image, measured by the number of pixels horizontally and vertically (e.g. Just walking around many of the hub areas presents very noticeable geometric level of detail pop-in. Keyboard is the default and normal controller for PCs, however you can also use a Gamepad to play TW2 if you have one attached to your system and it is supported by the game. However keep in mind that if you disable Depth of Field - Cutscenes, but leave Cinematic Depth of Field enabled, then you will still have DoF in effect. On the surface, the ambition that powered The Witcher 2 seems to be alive and well then - and the timing of Cyberpunk's 2020 release means that it'll still be hot when Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 arrive later in the year. select Small for a GPU with 512MB VRAM, Large for 1GB of VRAM, Very Large for 1.5GB of VRAM or more). Alongside the standard options to scale textures, shadow quality and model LODs, The Witcher 2 shipped with two option high-end settings - a tradition this game established and which would be seen again in the Witcher 3. In areas with multiple dynamic light sources, this can affect performance due to multiple sets of shadows being cast. However even close to Geralt, the foliage has become less complex. MaxCubeShadowSize=256 MaxCubeShadowCount=1 MaxSpotShadowSize=512 MaxSpotShadowCount=3. When I installed the game it gave me the option to choose between low, medium, high, and something higher than high. Vše Diskuze Snímky obrazovky Obrázky Přenosy Videa Zprávy Návody Recenze ... Well, i love this game but there is something strange with graphics, egdes are so sharp, and like there are black lines/stripes on every object. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition.

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