Gore was also the subject of the Academy Award winning (2007) documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. At the beginning of the first term, they developed a "two-page agreement outlining their relationship". [111], During the 1990s, Gore spoke out on a number of issues. Gore is not the Father of the Internet, but in all fairness, Gore is the person who, in the Congress, most systematically worked to make sure that we got to an Internet, and the truth is—and I worked with him starting in 1978 when I got [to Congress], we were both part of a "futures group"—the fact is, in the Clinton administration, the world we had talked about in the '80s began to actually happen. VIDEO: Al Gore Defends Current Sale to Al Jazeera, Dismisses Fossil Fuel Hyopcrisy Charges . He later said he went there in order to explore "spiritual issues",[26] and that "he had hoped to make sense of the social injustices that seemed to challenge his religious beliefs. "Chapter 12. [30], Gore enrolled in Harvard College in 1965; he initially planned to major in English and write novels but later decided to major in government. Namelijk die van politieke verliezer tot zakelijk winnaar. [36] NashvillePost.com noted that, "his father's defeat made service in a conflict he deeply opposed even more abhorrent to Gore. [14] His older sister Nancy LaFon Gore died of lung cancer. One observer concluded it was "Al Gore who has the best chance to defeat the incumbent president", noting that "of the 43 Presidents, only three have been direct descendants of former Presidents:" John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush, that "all three won the office only after... anomalies in the Electoral College", that the first two were defeated for re-election in a populist backlash, and finally that "the men who first lost to the presidential progeny and then beat them" (i.e. Život Mládí. [175] During the 79th Academy Awards ceremony, Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared the stage to speak about the "greening" of the ceremony itself. While both sides claimed victory after each, Gore was critiqued as either too stiff, too reticent, or too aggressive in contrast to Bush. "[82], Clinton and Gore accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention on July 17, 1992. "[150], Bill Clinton and Gore had maintained an informal public distance for eight years, but they reunited for the media in August 2009. His decision to become an attorney was a partial result of his time as a journalist, as he realized that, while he could expose corruption, he could not change it. [135] By then, he secured the Democratic nomination. Change in Pension Value and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings. To review a few of them briefly: in 1991, Iraq had crossed an international border, invaded a neighboring sovereign nation and annexed its territory. [78], Gore was initially hesitant to be Bill Clinton's running mate for the 1992 United States presidential election, but after clashing with the George H. W. Bush administration over global warming issues, he decided to accept the offer. [60], Gore introduced the Supercomputer Network Study Act of 1986. The news came as a "bombshell" to his wife. Apple delivered another year of outstanding financial performance in 2017. Consequently, Gore's presidential campaign "veered too far in differentiating himself from Bill and his record and had difficulty taking advantage of the Clinton administration's legitimate successes". Clinton committed himself to regular lunch meetings; he recognized Gore as a principal adviser on nominations and appointed some of Gore's chief advisers to key White House staff positions. Gore also issued a statement saying that he supported efforts to lower the cost of the AIDS drugs, provided that they "are done in a way consistent with international agreements. [194][195] Gore responded by stating that these events would not take place because a candidate would be nominated through the primary process. Also, proxies must disclose specific detailed information regarding the pay practices for certain executives. Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., sau Al Gore (n. 31 martie 1948, Washington, District of Columbia, SUA) este un politician, om de afaceri și activist american, care a fost al 45-lea vicepreședinte al Statelor Unite ale Americii, între anii 1993 și 2001 (sub Bill Clinton).De asemenea, a fost deputat între 1977 și 1985 și senator între 1985 și 1993, reprezentând statul Tennessee.

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